PackEdge (TM) CstmDoz ProV1(R)

Far too often appropriate packaging solutions are not considered important or simply forgotten altogether. Tremendous time and effort is spent by many in selecting the appropriate item for a prestigious event such as VC Forum, Partner Event, Speaker Gift, President's Club or Client Gifts, without considering the finishing touches on such an important presentation.

Whether for specific individual orders or ongoing programs, R M Hines Group is well-suited to bring you the appropriate packaging solution for your important presentation. We will work with our Vendor Partners to create the right impression that might include custom fabricated poly box solutions, custom die-cut foam and gallery-board boxes, luxurious fabric sacks and wraps just to name a few. For continuing programs, let us work together with you to source a corporate approved gift-wrap and custom printed satin ribbon. We will inventory this for you, and on orders, when requested, custom gift-wrap each piece, ensuring an intentional well-planned presentation, all without you lifting a finger.