PackEdge (TM) CstmDoz ProV1(R)

Far too often appropriate packaging solutions are not considered important or simply forgotten altogether.

The Atlantic Premium Cotton Boat Tote

The ability to supply high-quality promotional merchandise at substantial cost savings has become increasingly important. We use Global Sourcing to create the highest level of "price to value" relationship for promotional merchandise.


For your precise fulfillment and one-to-one marketing needs, we offer end-to-end customized fulfillment solutions that integrate real-time online order processing, customer service, warehousing and shipping with customized printed collateral and promotional products.


In recent years, incentive and recognition programs have become key motivators for sales, safety and employee performance. We will partner with you to increase the sale of your products and services, and encourage those behaviors to improve performance.

Lion Promotional product

In today's complex and competitive marketplace, it has become more challenging than ever to create strong brand recognition and loyalty. Increasing the visibility and brand awareness through promotional merchandise is one of the core services RM Hines Group offers. We are committed to providing you with unique solutions that get results.