About !

Randy and Susan Hines started R M Hines Group in May of 2003. Susan is a silent owner and continues her career with one of the leading technology company’s in the world while Randy heads up the R M Hines Group’s sales and marketing positions. Our combined experience along with Proforma’s resources and buying power, results in highly creative solutions based on our clients’ needs.



Randy Hines has worked for two premier promotional products agencies: Fletcher-Barnhardt & White and Wood Associates and has over 30 years experience in branding, promotions and marketing. He specializes in custom projects and has a lot of experience in offshore production and sourcing. He tries to travel to Asia every few years to their larger shows in order to stay ahead of the curve regarding product and production.



Emily Haney started working for R M Hines Group in 2015.  Before joining us, she worked for 7 years for a supplier in our industry.  She heads up customer service, quoting, research and graphic designing. She makes sure that your project is delivered on time and within your budget.


Laura Reynolds has worked with Randy and Susan Hines for 15 years. Her job is to keep the R M Hines Group up and running behind the scenes. She is also the technology and finance guru.



Showroom and Building

The R M Hines Group is located at 8309 Dunwoody Place Atlanta, GA 30350.

Located within our 4,000 square facility is a showroom/brainstorming meeting area, secure storage rooms and fulfillment center.

With the purchase of our office space in 2004, we are able to provide turn-key service from product research and development to fulfillment and delivery.

Community Involvment

Giving back to those in need is not something we should do, but something we strive to do everyday. If there is a need that we can fulfill, chances are you don’t even have to ask.

Whether it is t-shirts to a camp that helps disadvantaged children, donating lip balm and dog supplies to those serving our country overseas, or donating to the American Red Cross, we are happy to help and give as our hearts and pockets will allow.

It is our giving motto, “give with an exclamation, not an explanation,” that encompasses how we should live, work and play.

Story Behind !

After the ASI show in 1968, Mac Fletcher and his partner Alan Wesley were at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. On an ordinary cocktail napkin, they drew the icon that would come to be associated with Fletcher's company for the next 28 years.

Mac's goal was to have a symbol that would not scream "advertisement," a symbol that he could print in one color and count on to be long lived. A simple exclamation point (!) achieved his goal and became known as the "Idea Sign." When Jack Barnhardt joined Mac in February of 1969, his first assignment was to take the cocktail napkin drawing and turn it into the iconic art that would come to officially represent their company. This icon survived four company name changes and all the telephone numbers associated with these changes. 

In May of 1994, Mac Fletcher was critically injured on a business trip in China. Sadly, these injuries led to the sale of his company and to his eventual death in January of 1996. Although the sales people who were at Fletcher-Barnhardt & White in 1994 have gone many ways, most are still in the promotional business; in fact, many of us have started our own companies. As tribute to the late Mac Fletcher and his partners for their contribution to our professional lives, some of us use a version of the exclamation point as our company logo. 

Long live the !