Global Sourcing

The Atlantic Premium Cotton Boat Tote

The ability to supply high-quality promotional merchandise at substantial cost savings has become increasingly important. We use Global Sourcing to create the highest level of "price to value" relationship for promotional merchandise. Through our strategic alliance with select overseas supply chain resources, we offer clients the most reliable global sourcing program in the industry. The benefits of this program are fantastic merchandise at significant savings. Our Global Sourcing Program allows us to help clients create proprietary solutions from around the world. The unique visibility into future retail trends also allows our clients the luxury of access to products that will not be landing in the United States market for another 12-18 months. This strategic effort also allows for on-site quality control in addition to the 20%-50% cost savings.

  • Exceptional quality
  • Significant savings
  • Reliable sourcing and supply
  • Ahead of current trends